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History Historique

The english american library was founded in the 19th century

Non profit organization

The Library is a non- profitmaking Association that functions according to French Law (Loi de1901). The governing body is a Committee of 12 who establish general policies, discuss the financial status and vote the Budget for the year to come. President, Vice-President, Treasurer , Secretary and Librarian are all elected from the 12 Committee members.

The Annual General meeting takes place in December, presenting to members of our Association the actual status of the Library. Also, this is an occasion when the Readers get to see all the Librarians together. We all have a glass of wine and have a good chat.

The actual day to day running of the Library is facilitated by the rotation of 9 Librarians. Theoretically, we all do one shift per week, though in the summer when most people go away for a holiday ; we stand in for each other too. We have our regular shift and have our regular readers too, who come the same day for books and a bit of a discussion too.

The Library is gradually changing. It first refused to have any paperbacks on the shelves and then they were only ‘ temporary’ admissions to the Library. Now our paperback collection outnumbers the hardback collection.
We added videeos and DVD’s as well. Finally, we have a computer and we are online.
Our catalogues need to be redone and to be numerised.

A lot of work is still to be done. The processing or new books is done by a Monday work-team who come in on the only weekday when we close and do a tremendous amount of wrapping, numbering, organising, etc.

The Book Committee meets in the winter several times to decide about the fate of books, whether they stay or can be sold, are a useful read or can be discarded.

Our Members are of several nationality, not only British or American but also Scandinavian, Swiss, German and French. We have for official Patron - at the moment Nadine Gordimer - and the statutory Anglican Priest of Nice, who at the moment is Father Peter Jackson. On our History Page you will find a direct link to the
Holy Trinity Church, though our Library is not a church Library but an independent Association housed in the Centenary Hall.

We are open all year around except French Public Holidays, Sundays and Mondays.

We have yearly memberships starting at 26 Euro or a weekly 6 Euro membership for tourists. We ask for a 15 Euro deposit that is paid once per unit, and refunded at the end of the members term when they bring back all the volumes borrowed. Our income finances electricity and city taxes, rent for the premises, as well as purchasing books and Dvds for the Library.

The library has over 28 000 volumes, all in english, books of Fiction in paperback and hardback editions. Thousands of biographies with Diaries and Letters, also books on History, Travel, Art, Nature, Cookery, Cinema, Theatre, Poetry, Philisophy, Media, Humour, Religion, World War one and two, Politics, Sociology and other subjects: check the catalog page for list of authors



In addition to books, we also have magazine, tapes, Herald Tribune is delivered daily and we also have donated copies of Time, New Yorker, Spectator and lots of other magazines

Videos and DVD are also for rent